Surprise! A Baby Raccoon

These perfumes are sold in 5ml Austrian amber glass bottles and contain 6-7mls of perfume.
There are no petite sizes for this blend.

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Surprise! A Baby Raccoon!

Surprise! A Baby Raccoon!

Soooo, I befriended a baby raccon a few weeks ago and, of course, having spoken about it on Facebook, some of you said, “And there will be a baby raccoon perfume, right?!” And I was like, “What?! Make a scent that smells of cat food and ham and cheese omelettes?!” to which Brooke of Doctor Teef and of Villainess says, “I demand cat food!” and I was like, “Gurl, of course you do, but no!” So, here it is, a baby raccon perfume that smells nothing of can cat food or omelettes, but of sweets and woods and just straight up hella cuteness.

Animal crackers, vanillaed sandalwood, nutmeg, soft woodsy sticks, thyme, and a little buttercream frosting.

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