La maison Blooddrop is home to many, many kitties. Catnip grows wild and rampant on the property. What do these two things have in common? Cat toys, n'est-ce pas!

Happy Hallowmews Catnip Pillow
Happy Hallowmews Catnip Pillow
Happy Hallowmews Catnip Pillow
Blooddrop catnip pillows filled with a big tuft of organic, wild grown catnip from our property. Pillows are made from cotton fabric and bamboo or poly fluff filling. One side of the fabric is a lavender and black print with gothic apothecary jars and the other side is a black on grey art deco lace print accented with a looped satin Blooddrop ribbon.

Pillows measure 4" x 6".

Note: Once these sell out, I will make more, but in a new fabric! Hang tight, my mious!

Please note I am willing to ship these overseas, but customs makes me nervous with the catnip! I would hate for them to pull the order aside in case they think the catnip isn't just catnip! Please be forewarned.
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