Bath Salt Soak

Blooddrop's Bath Salt Soaks are made to ease tired muscles, sooth the senses and feed your skin precious minerals after a long, tiresome day or if you simply need a quiet moment to yourself. These soaks are made with a combination of dead sea salts, European sea salts, and epsom salts plus, depending on the blend, contain other ingredients to ease muscles and the spirit.

The bath salt soaks come in 9 ounce plastic bottles ($14) and 2 ounce resealable packets ($5).

Ardor has been formulated to stimulate joy with its happy, sunny blend of clementine, apple, nutmeg, lemon, and patchouli oils. Calendula extract has been added to kiss the skin with healing properties while calendula and sunflower petals float around you in the bath water.

Devotion has been formulated to quiet, imbue love and serenity in one's self. It has a luxuriating blend of rose, bergamot, black currant, blue chamomile, and rosewood oils. It contains chamomile extract to heal and calm with lovely red rose petals to float around you in the bath water.

Undo has been specifically formulated to ease tired and achey bodies. A blend of chamomile, lavender, marjoram, black pepper and peppermint, which are also often used in massage therapy, have been blended to warm, relax and sooth exhausted bodies. Lavender buds have been added to float around you in the water.

Never tested on animals, vegan friendly, and preservative-free.



Ardor 9oz $14.00 (out of stock)
Ardor 2oz $5.00
Devotion 9oz $14.00
Devotion 2oz $5.00
Undo 9oz $14.00 (out of stock)
Undo 2oz $5.00 (out of stock)