Linen & Chamber Sprays

A lovely selection of fragrances to enhance and fragrance your home and textiles! A few spritzes should do it! Shake first. Please spray with caution and do not spray on or near children or animals. Can make surfaces slippery. Use with caution on precious fabrics as staining isn't impossible.

Previously available in 4 ounce bottles, I am experiementing with smaller 1 ounce bottles!

Current scent offerings, in anticipation of spring:

Delight's Fleeting Sweetness
Fresh peaches and nectarines, white tea, sweet grass, peach artemesia, and wild mint.

Her Antique Garden
Lilac, Anjou pear, lilies, hyacinth, linden blossom, lemon verbena, and vanilla.


Delights Fleeting Sweetness (out of stock)
Her Antique Garden (1 in stock)