Corset Order FAQ

Blooddrop’s Corset Ordering Information

Brief Ordering Synopsis:
1. Please read all of the information below prior to placing your order.
2a. Place your order via the shopping cart and I will contact you for further details that I will require for your order
2b. You can email me and I will write up a personal invoice that you will pay via Paypal with your credit card or bank account.
Fill out and email the information below to me.
3. I will email a reply to you confirming your order, order information, and/or help you with any questions.
4. If all the information is not in place, I will work with you until it is complete.

Complete Ordering Information:

When you are ready to place an order for a custom corset, the following information is what I will need from you. If you only know a few things, but still have questions, that’s ok! Just email me as much information as possible and, together, we will iron out the remaining details. The information below deals with the corset, then measurements and finally payment and shipping. Copy and paste this information in your order email to me and go through each number.

1. Type of corset you wish to purchase. (I.e. Blooddrop underbust, Coquette overbust, etc.) Please note that if you are ordering a Blooddrop you have the option of a straight, pointed or curved bottom line (overbust or underbust). For Blooddrop overbusts, choose from heart-shaped or straight top line.

2. Which fabric you would like. If you want to order silk dupioni, please have a 2nd and 3rd color choice ready. I will have to check the color availability with my supplier and it’s easier if I can check on a few colors which will save time in my response to you.

3. What color trim you would like. If you are choosing silk dupioni, I usually make the trim in the same color as the corset. I can do another color, but if you would like the other color to be made of silk dupioni, that will cost extra since I will have to special order it for you. Sometimes I may have silk dupioni remnants leftover that I can use. If I do, I will not charge you extra. Just ask what available colors I have.

4. Color of lacing you would like. I have black and white standard poly lacing or I can custom make just about any color of satin lacing. It is possible to order an extra set of laces if you would like both poly and satin laces.

5. All corsets come with a back modesty panel and overbusts come also with a front modesty panel. These are included in the price, but if you would not like them, please let me know. Not having them does not affect the price.

6. How much smaller you’d like your corset to be/what waist reduction you’d like. Reduction of the corset. A corset is typically made 2 - 6" smaller than your natural measurements. 2-4" is suitable for the casual corset wearer (all of my own are about 4"). 6" is suitable for a tight lacer, someone who can really compress his or her waist and has experience wearing corsets. Please note that if you are somewhat new to corset-wearing, it is likely that you will not initially achieve the complete compression/waist reduction (meaning the corset will not fully close edge to edge in the back) if you ask for a large initial reduction. It takes time to get used to lacing down and should be done in moderation. Do not risk hurting yourself! I cannot be held responsible for improper use or wear! It is up to you to be a responsible corset wearer! At the waist, your corset will be made to the desired reduction plus 2”. At the bust and hips, your corset will be made 2” smaller than your actual measurements. This will cause an aesthetic 2” space in the back at the laces after the desired waist reduction, but with out compressing the bust or hips. If you would like a larger or smaller gap in the back, please specify.

7. Other details or extras. This is where you tell me if you would like to add other things to the corset such as fancy trim, external decorative bone casings, high back option on underbusts, contrast stitching (usually I choose a color that matches the fabric, but can easily work with a contrasting color), etc.

8. Measurements. This is very important! I will make the corset to the measurements that you provide (minus the reduction as mentioned above), so they need to be very exact! Do not fib, over or under estimate. If you are currently in a weight loss program, wait until you have reached your ideal/stabilized weight before ordering. Do not order a corset thinking “Oh, I will be about this size when I’ve lost my weight!” and give me measurements that are false. You will be very disappointed and you won‘t be able to wear the corset. Be honest with yourself and with me so that you end up with a garment that you will love and treasure. Please note that I need measurements prior to payment in case I need to charge for doubled or extra boning on specific sizes. I do not like to punish any one because of his or her weight or build, but I do need to cover time and expenses and you need a corset that has the proper support for your luscious figure!

Horizontal measurements needed:

1. Overbust
2. Bust

3. Underbust

4. Waist

(Your waist is located 1" above your belly button and no where else! This is a key measurement! If this is incorrect, it will throw off everything else and the fit of the corset.)
5. High hips

6. Hips

7. Low hips

8. Height

Vertical  measurements needed:
A. Overbust to Bust
B. Bust to Underbust
C. Bust to Waist
D. Underbust to Waist
E. Waist to High Hips
F. Waist to Hips
G. Waist to Low Hips

For underbust corsets, you do not need to provide 1, 2, A or B.
Here is my measurement chart for you to see where you need to take your measurements.
Click on it to open to a separate window and print out if need be.

9. What to wear while measuring? If you plan on wearing the corset as an undergarment solely, please take your measurements in the nude. You may wear a thin, unpadded bra to have your bust in the “up” position. If you plan on wearing the corset as an outer garment mostly, you may take your measurements over a very thin, fitted garment. Please note that it is still preferable for them to be taken in the nude, because you will be able to see specific areas better. You can use something such as an eyeliner to mark specific spots on your torso to better note measurement areas. This can be very helpful for the vertical measurements. Mark where you take the horizontal measurements with the eyeliner and then use those marks as the guide to do the vertical ones. If you feel very concerned that you might not take accurate measurements you can have a friend help or go to a local seamstress or tailor. If you don’t know where to find a local seamstress, you can call a local fabric store or drycleaners and they might be able to give you some recommendations. Corsets are not refundable and I make the corset according to the measurements provided! If you live in or are planning to visit Michigan ( I am located about 1 hour north of Lansing), I am happy to receive customers in my home for personal consultations and measurements on an appointment-only basis. Currently, I do not charge for such visits, but during busy times I might. Please email me if this is something you might like to set up.

9.5 Mock-ups. A mock-up is a rough draft of your corset make in one layer of sturdy fabric, fully boned and with laces that is made to determine the fit of your corset before it is made in the finished version. When you order a mock-up, it will be shipped to you and you must determine if the fit is suitable. If the mock-up does not fit, then I require photos of you (front, sides and back views) wearing the mock-up so I can see what changes need to be made. If you think the mock-up does fit, you are not required to send me photos of you in the mock-up, but you have no recourse if the final version of your corset does not fit properly. The cost of the mock-up (see the cost on the page of the type of corset you would like to order) also includes shipping to you, but you are responsible for the cost of shipping of the mock-up back to me.  The mock-up will add several weeks time to your order and I am not responsible for the amount of time the the mock-up is with you. I recommend you return the mock-up to me with insurance and/or signature confirmation. I am also not responsible for the mock-up it if is damaged or lost in the mail. Mock-ups may be returned to you if additional fittings are deemed necessary by me. Again, postage to you will be included and you will have to cover return shipping to me.  There is an additional $15 added to Mock-ups being shipped outside of the US to cover the additional shipping costs. All mock-ups must be returned to me even if no alterations are to be made before I make the final version of your corset.
*****If you choose to forgo ordering a mock-up with your corset order, you have absolutely no recourse if your corset does not fit properly. *****

10. Order fulfillment time. The current turn arournd time for a mock-up or corset order to be received is approximately 8 weeks.   If you are ordering a mock-up with your corset, this will add several weeks to your order and I do not consider the time that the mock-up is the mail or with you. Please consider this if you are ordering a corset for a special occasion. Make sure I know ahead of time so I can confirm to you whether or not your corset will be completed on time.  It does not actually take me that many weeks to make the corset, but it goes into my order queue on a first come, first sewn basis and as my order list shortens, your order comes up for construction. The order fulfillment time does not include the time it takes once the corset is in the mail.

11. Shipping. All corsets are carefully shipped in boxes and are insured. In the US, shipment is made via Priority mail with insurance and delivery confirmation. Shipping costs $13-$20 depending on the corset that has been ordered. Outside of the US, shipment is made via Global Express Mail (EMS) or Priority Mail with insurance. This is rate is $30-$50 depending on your location and what is being ordered. I have found that this is the quickest and most reliable method for me to ship outside of the US. Please note that as the corset will be insured for its full value (not including shipping costs) and that amount will be declared on the customs form. Any custom fees or duties charged by your country upon receipt of the package is at the recipient’s expense. I am not responsible for any such fees. Shipping costs will be added to the final cost of your corset order. I do not make any profit form shipping charges. The US postal service fees for shipping outside of the US are exorbitant. I am sorry, but I cannot change this.

12. Payment. For US orders, customers may pay via Paypal (with their Paypal account or credit card),  or via a USPS Postal Money order. If you do not wish to use Paypal, I can process your credit card via online or phone. I cannot accept any other type of money order other than the ones purchased at the US post office. For orders outside of the US, payment can only be made via Paypal/Credit Card. I do accept time payments for corset orders. You may pay half up front and the remaining half upon completion, but prior to shipment. Please note that payments are not refundable if you change your mind, but I am flexible if you need a little more time to pay or need to break up payments in to smaller pieces. However, if the balance of the corset is not paid within 30 days of it’s completion, a $25 surcharge will be added for every 15 days thereafter. If a corset is not paid within 90 days of completion, your order will be considered abandoned, you will receive no refunds whatsoever nor the corset ordered and the corset will be disposed of or sold at my discretion.

13. Upon ordering with Blooddrop, you agree that you are entirely responsible for any injuries sustained while wearing the corset and will not hold Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries/Astrid Weinstock responsible whatsoever. If you are not 18 years old, you agree that you have the consent of your parent or legal guardian to place an order for a corset and can prove such consent if requested. It is up to you to be a responsible corset wearer!

14. Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries reserves the right to refuse/cancel any order at any time. If Blooddrop cancels an order that has been placed, a refund will be issued.