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25 January 2016

Hello everyone! I hope the beginnings of 2016 have been good to you! It has been a little rocky for us, but I have hope that it will not be the theme for the entire year. I hope those of you who were in the way of Snowzilla are all safe and sound. I imagine the plowing out of your driveways, sidewalks, and roads are quite a daunting task!! Don't hurt your backs!!!

This update has been a little bit of a challenge for me in that I was really struggling to put together a group of Simplicities that excited me. It just wasn't happening! And finally it came to me, "Hey! I'm my own boss! I make the decisions. I can do something new if I want to!" And I did. In my struggles, there were some favorites that I kept turning to, but I wanted to do something different, yet also stay within the perameters of the concept of a Simplicity and I was also thinking about Valentine's day, too. The idea of pairing Simplicities together came to me. Duos! Usually I wouldn't just take two notes and put them side by side becuase I think you need to at least have three to have a conversation, but I liked this experiment and it was very "Valentine-y" pairing two together like a couple. So this Winter I present to you Simplicity Duos! There is a collection of 21 different pairs and I hope you like them! I'm not sure if I will do this again for the Spring collection, but maybe!

I also am offering a petite collection of Valentine-inspired perfumes. They are not all happy-go-lucky, but they are thoughtful, evocative, and lovely perfumes.

The Winter & Holiday perfumes will be here until Valentine's Day. The two collecitions I am listing today will be here until early March or as supplies remain.

2016 will be an exciting year for Blooddrop as I have some cahooting going on with some other artists that I am super happy about. Stay tuned!



03 January 2016

I would like to wish every one a very happy new year! May your appliances work steadily, may your health be sound, may your sanity not be overly tested, may your friends surprise you with unexpected hugs, may you know compassion for yourself and those you like least, and may art find its way into all the nooks and crannies of your life!

Welcome to the much delayed and long-anticipated, Winter Bath & Body update! There is a lot of moisturization potential here! You will find the return of  Blooddrop’s beloved Flutter, Whipped Body Cream, which I know many of you have been patiently waiting for! Also, there is a new selection of Silken, my other hand and body lotion, as well as new bathy bubble bars, bath truffles, Locks hair serum, a new Linen & Chamber spray, and new soap! I had planned to offer a few more items, but due to some *ahem* technical difficulties and the preservation of the remains of my sanity, this update is a few items less that originally planned. A few more stragglers may come down the road in a week or two, but I’m not absolutely certain. Maybe you’ll be surprised, maybe not! But either way, I think you are going to find some really nice goodies here!

A few things of note.

All Autumn and Halloween perfumes will bid farewell on Friday the 8th of January.  This includes Autumn Simplicities. Autumn bath items will still stick around.

Winter Simplicities and Valentine’s Day perfumes are coming, but I don’t have a set date yet because I’m behind, so very, very behind! As of right now, I anticipate both collections coming out at the same time.

I’m also hoping to have a local Blooddrop gathering some time in February or March. I will post more details as I nail things down!

Thank you for a great 2015 and I look forward to creating for you in 2016!

Astrid xxoo



28 November 2015

The Winter & Holiday perfumes are here! I've created some gift sets this year (photos of the gift box will come later today) and I'm offering complimentary gift wrap for absolutely everything! No charge! Let me make a special gift for you to give.

Bath items are coming in a week or however soon I can get them finished!

If you need anything, please do not hesitate to send me a message. I am happy to help as best as I can!

Warm wishes,
Astrid xoxox




27 November 2015

Super weekend sale! Please use coupon code HOLIDAYSALE20 to get 20% off of your entire order now through Monday! Also, if your order AFTER the coupon code (but before shipping) exceeds $100, you will receive another coupon for 10% off an order that can be used at a later date! Coupon codes must be used at time of checkout and cannot be applied retroactively. I will combine ship on multiple orders as best as I can. I always issue shipping refunds if I can ship your order for a less costly Priority mail rate.

I am also in the process of finishing my Winter & Holiday line of perfumes and will do my best to have those available this weekend, too! So, please check back for those. The bath items will not be ready for at least another week or so.

Thanks and I do hope you enjoy this sale!

I truly, truly appreciate your business more than you know,
Astrid xoxoxox

P.s. Because they are crazy time consuming to produce, I have disabled perfume samples until the holiday rush is over. Thank you for understanding!


03 November 2015

Autumn update number three in here, my darlings! The Autumn Simplicities collection is here and I hope you like what you see! I took many of your wishes and bottled them up as desired! You will see there are lots and lots of earthy notes this year and some rather conceptual ones as well.

Also, I have a new collection called Complexities, which is where I take one of my Simplicities and, well, make it much more complex. this season I have taken, I'm sure you could guess what it is anyways, Apple Cider Doughnut! 

Please forgive me for not photographing the bottles. I am still in the process of bottling all these perfumes and I wanted to get this update to you as soon as possible because the Winter & Holiday collection must get out tout de suite as well!

Big hugs to you all and I hope you had some fun this Halloween! See you soon!

 Sugary and earthy kisses,
Astrid xxoo



09 October 2015

Ah ha! It is here! The Blooddrop Autumn & Halloween Update Part DEUX! This is the update that is often the hardest for me to get done because there is just *so much* to make and trying to make all these goodies with an 18 month old is extra tough! And just when I thought I had ordered all the ingreidents to make this or that, I'd find out I needed to order something else, which would set me back often a week or so. Talk about frustrating! But it's done and I'm super excited and I hope you are, too.

This update brings all the bath goodies. In this update you will find bath bubble bars, bath truffles, linen sprays, bath oils, Locks hair serum, restocked Honey Dust, Silken lotion, Sugar Bars, and dun dun dun dun dun duhhhhh SOAP! It's funny. Typing that list of things doesn't seem *that* long, but, man oh man, it was a ton to make! My perfume room is busting at the seams! I don't even have enough shelf space for all the things I made!

Thank you for your patience and I hope you find lots of goodies to treat your self to this Halloween season! The next update will be for the Autumnal Simplicities, so I will see you in a few weeks for that one! In the mean time, keep an eye over on Facebook where I post smaller updates or announcements.

Happy Autumn!
Astrid xxoo

14 September 2015

In an effort to make shelf space for the Autumn bath goodies that are coming, I have marked down lots of things in the Bath & Powder Room section of the boutique! Here is what you will find on sale:

Aurevoir Insect Repellant was $12, now $10
Bath Butter Solid Cream Moisturizer was $15, now $7.50
Bath Truffles were $12.50, now $10.50
Bath Oil was $22, now $11
Bathy Bubble Bars were $9.50, now $7.00
Eau Douce (both kinds) were $18/$22, now $9.00
Petite Remedy Salve was $8.50, now $5
Sugar Bars were $8.50, now $6.50

Also, a word about Autumn perfumes. Many are selling out! You can drop me a line to be put on a waiting list for a specific perfume, but that does not guarantee that it will be remade. I will only remake a scent if there is enough interest. I highly suggest ordering the ones you *really* want in the event that the perfume is not to be remade.

Apples & Bones is back in stock and Idunn will be back in stock at some point this week.

I hope to have the next update by the end of the month or early October!

Happy September,
Astrid xxoo

25 August 2015

Welcome, welcome to THE most fun time of the year for Blooddrop! As you know, because this is my biggest season and the offerings are numerous, this is a one of (I think) three updates! This update brings all of the limited edition perfumes for the Autumn & Halloween season!

And if you take a gander over at the Jewelry page, there are some super fun Day of the Dead-inspired pieces that I made.  I came across some ridiculously cute supplies this summer that screamed “Hola! Seniorita! Por favor make us into something!” And so I did.

I also have a new collection of ribbon necklaces and matching earrings that will be listed very shortly. I just love working with hand dyed ribbon and Swarovski crystals!

A few words of note: the summer limited editions will be coming down on the 31st of August. This includes the regular limited editions as well as the Musks and Simplicities. To help get these bottles off the shelf, these are marked down to  $13.50 (25% off) until then! The next update will be for bath goodies and the update following that one will be the Autumn Simplicities. You know, pretty much the Apple Cider Doughnut Update!

Knowing this is my busiest season, please allow a little more time for order processing and I will always issue refunds on shipping costs if your order can ship in a smaller priority mail box than for what you are charged.

If you are on Facebook, please follow Blooddrop over there for mini updates, occasional pictures and musings!

Chocolate batty kisses,
Astrid xxoo


13 July 2015

The Summer Simplicities are here and so is a selection of summer-inspired musks that I think you will love! I know for many of you, these are some of the perfumes that you look most forward to, so I hope you love them! I listened to many of your requests and hope I have brought some smiles to you.

The Spring Simplicities will come down on Friday evening and so will the Spring is Here perfumes. I know I said I wasn't going to do a cross over, but a few days won't hurt!

I'm also leaving the Carry All sale up until Friday as well. I would love for the last two bags to get homes!

And in the meantime, in between packing orders and mom-ing and horse mom-ing, I will be working on Halloween and Autumn line......

Enjoy and I hope you are all having a fun and kind summer,
Astrid xoxo


09 July 2015

This weekend (Thursday through Sunday) all Carry Alls are 40% off!



14 June 2015

Welcome to Blooddrop’s summer update! I’ve named it the Spirit of Summer, because I used so many memories from summers passed to create everything that is here. This update brings a line of limited edition perfumes, Languorous linen & chamber spray, the return of Aurevoir insect repellent, plus several ultra fun nd super awesome new bath goodies! The bath items took me a long time to put together and make for you, so I am really, really hoping you love them! If they do well, I will make more of them for the Autumn & Halloween line. I do not anticipate making any more between now and then, so purchase accordingly.

Before I tell you a little bit more about the items in this update, I have some news that I must share with you. All perfumes will be getting a price increase. I have not had a price increase in many years and I have tried to hold out as much as possible, but it has come to a point where my expenses have catapulted and I have to be savvy business-wise. I am sure you understand and want Blooddrop to stay afloat as much as I do! The new summer perfumes reflect the price increase. All other perfumes will go up on the 1st of July and this includes the permanent collection as well as any limited edition lines. Limited editions will now price at $18 and permanent collection perfumes will price at $15. I will still have sales from time to time, so you will still be able to get a special dealio now and again! Ok, now that we’ve ripped that band-aid off, let’s move on to the good stuff!

The summer perfume line, the Spirit of Summer, offers 9 perfumes that embrace summer at its heart. This selection should be around until mid-late August. As usual, no samples are available for these perfumes, but if you must try before you buy, you can look into a decant circle over on the Facebook community group.

Bath goodies! Oh yes! I have made you some Bath Truffles! Do you remember those from a few Halloweens ago? Some of you have been asking oh so nicely for their return, so I have complied! There are four options; Bedtime Violet & Lavender, Clover Honey & Dark Patchouli (this one is so insanely sexy!), Pear & Lemon Cake, and, my favorite out of the bunch, White Rose & Blueberry Marshmallow (gor-geous!). They come in packs of three and are pretty enough to eat, BUT DON’T! They are not food! Don’t even think of tasting them because yuck! Ok? Okay!

Also, along the lines of bath stuff that looks awesome enough to eat, but you won’t because it’s still not food nope not even close are Bathy Bubble Bars! Yes! Bubble bath! Super fun, right?! These are solid bubble bath bars, but they are super easy to use. All you have to do is break a piece off, say about ¼ of the piece, and crumble it under your running bath water. Voila! Bubbles! I’ve made 7 different scents and they are all really great and perfect for summer.

Then I’ve made some adorable little Bath Melts. Just plop one in the tub while you are soaking for easy moisturizing! Don’t have a tub? No problem! Use them like a solid lotion and rub directly on your skin. Two lovely options to choose from; Chamomile & Vanilla or Spirited Tangerine. These are wrapped so nicely, that they would make a sweet little gift for a friend.

Last, but definitely not least are my favorite new items of all; Sugar Bars! I love these! They are part body polish, part moisturizer, and part soap. It’s like everything in one thing! Brilliant! And they smell sooooo crazy good! I hope you love them as much as I do because I would love to offer these year round in different, seasonal scents. How about an Apple Cider Doughnut Sugar Bar? Or a Pumpkin Sugar Bar? Or a fresh Apple Sugar Bar? So, be sure to give one or two of these a try. They are wonderful!

Many of you have received samples of a new and up coming product, Locks Hair Serum. I've also received many emails asking me when it will be available in full size! To help me gauge quantities and possible scent options, I am offering a pre-order for it until the 25th.

Now for a few other details. The Summer Simplicities will be coming in a few weeks. There is a post on Blooddrop’s Facebook page where you can put your suggestions down. I listen to you guys, so speak up if there is something you would really like to see! The Valentine’s Day line is down. If there is something you just must have, email me. I do have some left. Spring Simplicities will come down when the Summer Simplicities go up. There will be no cross over.

So there you have it! Remember, prices go up on the first! And I’ll see you in a few weeks!

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen,
Astrid xxoo