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13 July 2016

Here I am on an eve of a holiday again! This time I am on the eve of France's national holiday, La Fête Nationale, or as we know it Bastille Day. I've been meaning to do perfumes for this holiday for a long time now, but I'd never see the day coming and then I'd be like, "Merde! I missed it again!" This year çe n'est pas le cas! You will find three perfumes in this collection and you'll notice that if you get all three perfumes and line them up, colorwise they should look a little flag-ish.

There is another part to this update and that is the arrival of the Summer Simplicities! It's a big group of 24 scents this summer with the return of some favorites and the arrival of new ones, including many that were requested by you on Facebook! I hope you love them. You will see a theme to some of them. My favorite them that I had running through my head was, "stuff you buy as a tourist in a beachy town."

And now I have to turn my attention to Autumn because there's only 110 days until Halloween! Yeah!!!

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Don't forget to wear sunscreen,
Astrid xxoo


19 June 2016

On the eve of the summer solstice, I'm presenting you my collection of limited edition perfumes for the season! They are all bright, bold, and warming blends for this radiant time of the year and I hope you will enjoy them!

The Summer Simplicities will come in a few weeks along with hopefully and handful of summery bath goodies, too, if time allows!

The Spring Simplicities and Early Summer Duos will hang around for a while longer as will also the Free Shipping Over $75 offer!

Happy summer my dears! Enjoy the sun!
Astrid xxoo


06 June 2016

A new section has been added, Rare & Very Limited, for, well uh, rare and very limited perfumes.



17 May 2016

Oh hello! How's about an Early Summer Simplicities Duos collection? I had originally planned to wait until the end of the month to release this collection, but I wanted as many of you to be able to take advantage of the test run of free US shipping on orders of $75 and above. The Musks and Whinnies will come down at the end of the month.

Enjoy and come follow Blooddrop on Facebook and Instagram (@astridblooddrop) for in between update musings!

Cheers and hugs,
Astrid xxoo

10 May 2016

I think you are going to like this news! I am testing a new feature here in the boutique: free shipping on all US orders $75 and over! For right now, this will be from today until the 10th of June. If this turns out to be successful, I will extend the feature! There are no codes involved, just check out as usual and the shopping cart will take care of the rest!



26 April 2016

Happy Blooddrop Spring update! This update brings a big bouquet of Spring Simplicity perfumes and a fresh and bright collection of new bath goodies!

This Spring Simplicity collection is focused on blossoms and blooms in a collection of 18 perfumes. This collection will be here until mid-June or until supply is exhausted.

The Spring bath collection offers up a new trio of bath oils, new Locks hair serum, four new sugar bars, three new Silken, and three new bath salt soaks that are in the cutest damn jars that I could find. (Use these jars for trinkets once you've used all the soak up!)

The Whinnies and Musks will stick around a few more weeks, but the Musks are starting to run very low, so do shop while they are still available.

From here on out, I'll be working on the Summer collection, but I do hope you enjoy this update!

Oh, and before I forget, thank you to all my customers. You, ladies, are the best!!



29 March 2016

Good morning! I finished my taxes last week, which put a me a little bit behind on filling those Whinnies orders and I apologize. I will be caught up on those within the next few days. In the meantime, I'm thinking towards my next update and making some Springy bath goodies, but my shelves are still fairly full. So, I think it's time for a spring cleaning sale! I've marked down alomost everything on the Bath page with significant discounts between 25-35% off, everything on the Jewelry page is 50% off, linen spray on the Home page has been marked down by 40%, all the beautiful, one of a kind Carry Alls are marked down 20%, and, as you may have noticed I don't do this very often, the Valentine's Day and Simplicity Duos have been marked down 25%!

Sale prices will run until about April 15th. The Valentine and Simplicty Duos will come down on that day as well.

Help me clear the shelves, will ya?
Astrid xxoo


17 March 2016


I thought this spring would be a good season for Blooddrop’s marshmallow ponies to make a return! This Whinnies collection offers up 15 new blends that will satisfy a wide range of tastes from ultra sweet to fruity, floral, and even resinous. This joyful herd will stick around through early May or as supplies remain. I hope you enjoy this fluffy, perky update!

The Whinnies 2016 Collection, as inspired by a certain seasonal bird-shaped marshmallow, but taken in a very Blooddrop-esque, equi-centric direction!

I'm not quite sure what the next update will be. Possibly some bath goodies or some Spring Simplicities or maybe a little bit of both. Stay tuned!

Happy (a few days early) Spring,
Astrid xxoo


28 February 2016

 Eventhough this is two days early (oh hello Leap Day!), welcome to the March Musk collection! I've made you a selection of 15 new musks that I am very excited about!

Part of the reason I am releasing this collection two days  ahead of time is because the Winter & Holiday collection and the Cure tribute collection are leaving at the end of the day tomorrow. This will allow some of you to combine ship from all three collections if you would like to save on shipping. The Simplicity Duos will be here for a little while longer.

And on that note, it is 50 degrees here in Michigan today, so I'm off to ride my horse! See you soon!!

Tally ho,
Astrid xxoo


10 February 2016:

Hello ladies! Well, two updates in one week? That's not like me! But I have new things for you! Specifically three one of a kind Carry Alls that I have been working on during my evenings. I've been missing sewing so much and am making an effort to get at my sewing table with more frequency these days. I love what has been the result! Definitely feeling Victorian-y and feminine lately (who me? ughm certainly not in my personal wardrobe!) and that is coming out in my sewing. I hope you love them and will give them a shoulder to rest on!

With lace and stitches,
Astrid xoxo

07 February 2016:

For one last time, I am bringing back the perfumes I created for and inspired by The Cure's genius work, Disintegration. They will be here until the strange day of the 29th of February and not a day later or as supply remains. Now go light a bunch of candles, turn all the other lights off, and listed to this album loud.

Yours in black eyeliner,
Astrid xox

25 January 2016

Hello everyone! I hope the beginnings of 2016 have been good to you! It has been a little rocky for us, but I have hope that it will not be the theme for the entire year. I hope those of you who were in the way of Snowzilla are all safe and sound. I imagine the plowing out of your driveways, sidewalks, and roads are quite a daunting task!! Don't hurt your backs!!!

This update has been a little bit of a challenge for me in that I was really struggling to put together a group of Simplicities that excited me. It just wasn't happening! And finally it came to me, "Hey! I'm my own boss! I make the decisions. I can do something new if I want to!" And I did. In my struggles, there were some favorites that I kept turning to, but I wanted to do something different, yet also stay within the perameters of the concept of a Simplicity and I was also thinking about Valentine's day, too. The idea of pairing Simplicities together came to me. Duos! Usually I wouldn't just take two notes and put them side by side becuase I think you need to at least have three to have a conversation, but I liked this experiment and it was very "Valentine-y" pairing two together like a couple. So this Winter I present to you Simplicity Duos! There is a collection of 21 different pairs and I hope you like them! I'm not sure if I will do this again for the Spring collection, but maybe!

I also am offering a petite collection of Valentine-inspired perfumes. They are not all happy-go-lucky, but they are thoughtful, evocative, and lovely perfumes.

The Winter & Holiday perfumes will be here until Valentine's Day. The two collecitions I am listing today will be here until early March or as supplies remain.

2016 will be an exciting year for Blooddrop as I have some cahooting going on with some other artists that I am super happy about. Stay tuned!