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18 April 2018

Spring Simplicities are here and I made a special collection to help fund the medical care of a stray kitty that I'm looking out for. I know many of you have big hearts and enjoy my perfumes, so how about combining the two? Yeah?!

Sometimes it snows in April, but I don't see why it *has* to,
Astrid xxoo

21 March 2018

The Whinnies spring collection has arrived! And so has some new bath goodies... Most excitedly Froth my new bubble milk soak, the return of the beloved Mousse de Bain, and some new selections of Shower Cream!

My brain is frazzled having tried so hard for so long to get this update completed. Life has been very very lifey lately! Ack!

I hope you enjoy everything! Spring Simplicities will arrive next month.

Marshmallow everything,
Astrid xxoo

08 December 2017

Ok, this bath update has twarted me many times (shakes fist at the sky like some crotchety old man) and in a number of ways. Finally, I realized I had to put up what I had made and will keep adding as I get more made (like more truffles and bubble bars)!

In this update, you've got bath truffles, lovely bar soap, shower cream and brand new sugar polish cream soap. It's all soooooo goooooood!

Again, more will be coming in the coming weeks as I get more goodies made. I forgot how much I like making bath products and it's a nice change of pace from mixing perfumes. Plus, I know how much you all need your bath fix and moisturization right now, so I'm going to do my best to satisfy those needs!

Thanks for your support and warm wishes for the holidays to you,
Astrid xxoo

15 November 2017

This update brings you two collections: the Winter & Holiday collection of perfumes and also the Late Autumn & Early Winter Simplicities perfumes. In a few  more weeks, I also have bath items coming, but I didn't want to delay the release of these perfumes, so here they be! Please note that Petites are not available with this update.

As it is a very busy time of year, I will do my utmost to ship as timely as possible. If you need items by a specific date and are not sure they will arrive in time, please email me PRIOR to ordering.

Gift wrapping is free at Blooddrop! Just tell me at checkout what you need wrapped up and if you need a gift tag. Gift certificates are available digitally, digitally for you to print out, and also hard copy by mail. Let me know what you need and I will take care of it for you.

Yesterday my printer went kaputz (what timing!), so I was unable to print out labels and photograph them on the bottles, so I only have pictures of the labels themselves right now. New printer is landing on Friday!

So much gratitude to those who have supported Blooddrop this year,

01 November 2017

Bon Toussaint! Happy All Saints! Tonight, I am so exicted to bring you a very special collaborative collection that spans four different one-woman indie businesses! This group effort is between Blooddrop, Arcana Wildcraft, Corvus Cosmetics, and Nui Cobalt Designs. We have created a body of work inspired by the Norse fairy tale called "East of the Sun and West of the Moon" with accompanying illustrations by the insanely talented Kay Nielsen. Please click on the link on the left to view my portion of the collection and visit my sister collaborators for their collections!

Also, in other Blooddrop news, I am contributing a full size bath and shower oil to the Silent Solstice group box by Sihaya and Company. You can pre-order this right here!

Blooddrop's next update will be filled with Wintery and holiday goodies! Keep your eyes here. I am going to bring you some lovely, cozy, and deliciously spelling perfumes and bath goodies!

Kisses to my deceased beloveds and ancestors,
Astrid xxoo

27 October 2017

I was thinking the other afternoon about the arrival of Samhain and my Hexennacht collection that I released this spring. I was thinking how much I loved it and wouldn't it be perfect to bring it back now, for a little while, on the other side of the calendar? So, I did. It is back for a short time. The blends are the same, but to show the difference in time and season, I'm simply inverted the colors on the labels.

Next week, at 9pmEST, a very special collection and collaboration will be revealed. I promise you, you won't want to miss it. This is going to be ultra lovely.

Until the Toussaint,
Astrid xxoo


27 September 2017

Hello and welcome to part two of Blooddrop's Autumn  & Halloween updates! This is the spookier update and you are going to see why. There are three collections that are being presented; two new and one revisit with new additions.

This first collection is my eight-legged series of spiders! Before I tell you about them, can I just say that I am really, really ok with not looking at any more close up spider pictures for a really, really long freaking time?! I mean, spiders are not my biggest fear, but they are not my favorite either. So, a few years ago, I made up a name for this time of year and I call it Spider Season. Spider Season comes late Septemberish and it's when it starts to get cool and, I swear, every single spider in the county decide to move in to our house. While I am not really cool with this, I have accepted it as a time of the year that I just have to deal with until they stop saying hi when I'm about to get into the bathtub and retreat to very dark spots when I don't see them anymore. Also, this summer was a really epic summer for lots of crazy spider sightings around the barn. I saw my first Shamrock Orb weaver and holymotherofgods those things look like something that crawled out of a Tim Burton movie! Google those things. They are crazy! I've named this the Nope collection because, well, I'm sure you understand. The collection only features spiders that I have come across in our yard and in the house. Maybe next year I will do some others?

The next new collection is the Deliciously Halloween collection because,  simply put, I didn't make enough delicious foodie blends with the first update!

And the third collection is the Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror that I am revisiting this year. You will see the addition of a few ladies to this group, which I am very happy about! A note about the blends I created to honor Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff: my supplier has discontinued several ingredients needed for these two blends. I am offering what have left. If I do this collection again next year, I will remake them. For now, I am offering what is left in Petite sizes only so that the maximum amount of people can enjoy them!

You will also find a few remaining spooky pillows are available from last season and you can also custom order the hella cool cat, owl, and devil pillows!

Shipping specials still remain in affect, but now through Monday, I'm offering free domestic first class shipping for all perfume-only orders of $65 and up. Just use coupon code PINKFLUFFYSPIDER.  

Shipping times run about 7-10 days and I appreciate your patience if they get a little bit longer.

If you have any questions about anything at all or if I have perfumers available from last year, please drop me a line through the contact box on the website!

Creepy, unnecessarily long hugs,
Astrid xxoo

01 September 2017

Welcome to the most anticipated and well-loved update of the year! I am bringing you the first of the Autumn & Halloween updates with another one to arrive on October 1st or thereabouts. This update is in two parts with a collection of various Autumnal and Halloween themed perfumes and with a collection inspired by and in honor of owls. In this update all, but two perfumes are brand new! If you were hoping to see some returns of previous pefumes, sit tight for the next update. You may get your wish! I couldn't manage making this update too big, so to make the season a little more managable, I've split things up.

Please keep in mind, turn around times will likely be a little longer than usual. Also, Petite sizes are only here for two weeks.

Also, as a seasonal special, I am offering free US priority shipping for orders $100+ and free US first class shipping for perfume-only orders $75+.

I can't wait to hear what you think of all these perfumes! If you should post about them on Facebook or Instagram, please link to or tag Blooddrop.

Ghostly smooches,
Astrid xxoo


18 July 2017

It's Summer Simplicity time here at Blooddrop and I'm bringing to you a collection of 21 single notes/accords and concept perfumes that have been inspired by the shimmering summer night sky, the sultry and sticky humid summer air, lush blooms, and a little anticipation of the season to come, autumn! As with the Entomology collection, the Petite sizes will only be available to purchase for two weeks.

I know some of you have been asking for more Personal Art Perfumes, but because they are so time consuming and I need to get in to gear for Autumn and Halloween, I will not be offering any at this time. Please keep an eye on Blooddrop's Facebook Group. If I find my schedule allows a few of these, I will make an announcement there first.

Wishing you all a glorious summer,
Astrid xxoo

23 June 2017


This summer marks Blooddrop’s 15th anniversary. I haven’t been one to celebrate Blooddrop’s birthday, but earlier this year I was curious how long Blooddrop has been around.  Turns out, a little while now! To begin celebrating, I’m bringing back a favorite collection from 2009 that I think many of you newer customers will really love. It’s all bugs and the perfumes are just wonderful celebrations of not only the little critters they represent, but also celebrations of the season. In a few weeks time, I’m going to revisit some of Blooddrop’s very, very early creations for a second round to birthday festivities!

In addition to this update is a surprising little one-off perfume at the request of a few of you from Facebook and a small group of Personal Art Perfume openings. These are rather time consuming, but I know many of you would like to order one.  Ask as you shall receive!

Also to note, the Beltane and Hexennacht collections are on sale and will be here until the end of the month with the last day to purchase being the 30th.

Shipping times can vary in this season, so please bear with me. I am grateful for your patience!

Happy summer,
Astrid xxoo

20 May 2017

Today at noon, I am releasing a very special and limited personal art perfume! If you miss out on this release, I will be doing another run shortly! You are welcome to email me via my contact form on the left to get on the wait list for the next time around.

Monday, the Whinnies are saying aurevoir!

27 April 2017

Hexennacht and Beltane are here, m'dears! I am so happy with these perfumes. Especially, my Hexennacht collection. That one is very, very close to my heart. I hope you love them all. In the hope that this will help (I mean, we are all pinching pennies these days, right?), I've done my best to offer them at a very special price.

The Whinnies collection will come down on the 15th of May.

Blossoms and kisses to you all and thank you so so much for your support!

With gratitude,
Astrid xxoo

07 April 2017

The Spring Simplicites are here and have very special pricing!

Also, coming soon is a very, very special collection that I have been working on for Walpurgisnacht (also known as Hexennacht).

See you soon, m'dears!
Astrid xxoo

18 March 2017

It's a few days early, but I am here to wish you happy Spring! It may not look like spring where you are (it certainly doesn't here!) but we know it's coming and the shift of the earth and tipping balance of light tells us so. With the arrival of spring, comes the arrival of Whinnies, Blooddrop's take on seasonal marshmallow creatures in all their sticky, delicious wonder! I hope you enjoy this year's herd of perfumes!

This weekend is your last opportunity to purchase the Winter Simplicities and Valentine perfumes. They are on sale.

I am still up in the air as to whether or not to do Spring Simplicity perfumes, but I do have a very neat new collection coming in a few weeks for Walpurgisnacht! Oh yes!

Springtime kisses,
Astrid xxoo


27 February 2017

Hello! This update brings a collection of lot of bath goodies plus some new linen sprays, which I have not offered for quite some time. What is special about this update, are not only all the new items, but that I am offering lots of small sizes to allow you to try without making your bank account sad! I know many of you want to treat your self but are also trying very hard to watch your spending, too. I hope this helps!

And don't forget, I am offering first class shipping for orders in the USA that contain only perfumes for just $4.50.

The Valentine's day and Winter Simplicities will be a few more weeks until the Spring Simplicities come (and quite possibly some new Whinnies)!

Thank you for your continued support of Blooddrop! It is my goal to provide you with lovely items to enhance your daily life. If there is anything you would like to see me offer, please feel free to drop me a line!

Longing for spring,
Astrid xxoo

21 January 2017

I need to start out by saying that I am so proud of my gender today!!!!! Not only in the United States, but across the world! Wow! Our message is loud and clear! Equality and fairness for all!

Tonight, I bring you a trio of new collections. First is my Valentine's Day collection, which is a series of perfumes inspired by terms of endearment. The second collection is a series devoted to themes and ideas of womanhood called La Femme. The third collection is a slightly different collection for me. It is a series of perfumes that are, in a way, self-help perfumes or rather to help foster and inspire self-help. They were created with an ever so magical touch in mind and I have created imaginary Saints to name them. The last two collections will be revolving. That means, they are here for, at least, the year and I will be adding new perfumes to the collections throughout the year. Once a perfume sells out, I will not restock it.

I am further continuing to offer petite 2ml sized bottles for limited edition perfumes. You like them, so they will stay for the time being!

Also, in an effort to reduce costs for you, I have a new first class shipping option! This option is for US orders and it is for orders containing perfumes only. First class orders will ship in a padded mailer via first class mail. Tracking will be available however, if your order arrives damaged or is stolen or lost, there is no insurance option. This shipping option is a flat $4.50.

The Winter & Holiday perfumes leave at the end of the month. The Winter Simplicities will remain a little bit longer than that.

I am looking forward to creating so many positive and beautiful things for you all this year! Thank you infinitely for all your support!

Pussy power unite!
Astrid xxoo

30 December 2016

Welcome to the last update of the year! Here we have your beloved Winter Simplicities and, sit down before you continue reading, you can get them in petite sizes! I KNOW! Are you not excited?!?! And on top of that now through the 4th, you can also get the remaining perfumes of the Autumn Simplicities in petite size, too! 

In addition to the Winter Simplicites, there is a very special kitty benefit perfume. I hope you can help me help her!

As I mention above, the Autumn Simplicities are leaving at the end of the day on the 4th, so please make your purchases accordingly.

I had a third collection planned to go, but I ran into some technical difficulties with that one and it will be released at a later date.

Thank you so much for all your support in 2016! I look forward to creating for you in 2017!

Happy New Year,
Astrid xxoo


09 December 2016

For a last hurrah, I'm offering demi 2ml sized bottles of the Autumn & Halloween and Halloween Musk collections! They will be available through next Friday the 16th. At that time those two collections will leave Blooddrop. Please note that these orders are not guaranteed to arrive before the 25th. Quantites are limited and you will be contacted if something sells out so that you may choose something else.

Happy holidays!
Astrid xxoo


24 November 2016

Well, hello, my sweets! Here we are at this magical time of year and yet, here in the USA, we are in some very stirring waters right now seeing a rather bleak future with our new president-elect. I don’t want to talk much about this, but I do want to say that those who love and embrace diversity and kindness, know that we are the majority. Don’t forget that. Stay strong. Persevere for and with kindness. Speak out against hate. Love will win. And despite these dark times, I hope I can bring you some light.

This holiday season I have some new goodies for you! First of all, the perfume collection is a little bit smaller than usual with only 8, but all new, scents, however, I am testing the waters and offering dainty demi-sized bottles that are about 2/3 the size of my full sized bottles!

In the bath goodies section there are new bath truffles, size new Glisten, new shower creams, four new Flutters, and and and and bubble bath! Yes! For real! Super bubbly and super scented, you are going to love this stuff! Because of time constraints in getting this update out in time, I do not have bath butters right now, but they will come this winter. I just need a little more time!

Autumn & Halloween and Autumn Simplicities will be here just a few more weeks.

For the holiday weekend, I have a special coupon for you. Type in coupon code mercybuckets2016 and you will get 15% off of your order now through Monday the 28th. I cannot apply the coupon retroactively, so make sure you put it in at the time of order placement. Also, I anticipate high order volumes, so please allow a 7-14 day order turn around time. I hope it isn’t quite that long, but I would rather be safe than sorry. Free holiday gift wrap if you need it! Just leave me a message in the comments box of the shopping cart. Please give yourself plenty of time if you are ordering for a holiday gift. If you aren’t sure it will arrive in time, best email me first so I can confirm.

Loads of love, hugs, courage, and peace to you. I appreciate your business and support more than you know.

Snowflake kisses,
Astrid xxoo