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28 March 2014:


Welcome to the Blooddrop Springy Eastery update! I was debating on holding out on this update for a few days, but I thought, given my current condition, I better get this one the website sooner than later! Here is what I am bringing you today!

Whinnies Marshmallow Ponies Easter Treats Perfume Collection
Whinnies are my gourmet interpretation of popular, Easter time marshmallow chicks, but if you made them in the shape of little ponies and then rendered them into perfume form! This said, please don't eat or taste these perfumes. Yucko!

Whinnies are available as 5ml bottles. No sample sizes are available for these perfumes.

This collection will be available until mid-May or while supply remains. Please note that this collection has been made in much smaller quantity than usual limited edition series. Once they are gone, that is it!


Whinnies No. 1
Marshmallow with strawberry jam, fresh kiwi, bananas, and a tiny sprig of rosemary.


Whinnies No. 2
Marshmallow with vanilla mango sorbet, dusted with nutmeg.


Whinnies No. 3
Marshmallow with bourbon vanilla, black cherry, and tobacco.


Whinnies No. 4
Marshmallow with white rose and wild raspberry.

Whinnies No. 5
Marshmallow with coconut milk, guava, and monoi tiare.


 Whinnies No. 6
Marshmallow with passion fruit and organic French lavender.


 Whinnies No. 7
Marshmallow with peach compote, blood orange, and patchouli.


 Whinnies No. 8
Marshmallow with ripe watermelon, bergamot, and white cognac.


 And accompanying the perfume collection is a new linen & chamber spray!


Whinnies in the Wind Linen & Chamber Spray
Whinnies in the Wind is the scent of soft, fluffy clouds of vanilla marshmallow, sweet pears, wild lilies, and bright, fresh Italian lemons. Available in both 2 ounce and 4 ounce bottles!


Also with this update comes the arrival of Blooddrop’s hand and body lotion, Silken!

 Silken Hand & Body Lotion
I’ve been wanting to offer you an in-house made lotion for some time. Especially since Flutter really should not be shipped during the summer months lest it melt. And also because sometimes you just want something a little lighter like a lotion as opposed to a rich butter. Silken is just that and you are going to looooove it! I named it Silken precisely because it leaves your skin feeling so deliciously silky and it is filled with ingredients to specifically address the needs of itchy, dry, and thirsty skin. Currently, I am offering it in 4 ounce and 2 ounce sizes. The 2 ounce sizes may be temporary. I thought it would be a nice way to allow you to try Silken without buying a big bottle. Or perhaps you would like to keep a smaller bottle in your purse or yoga bag or desk drawer at work? Also, more different fragrances will be coming! I had a little snag with my bottle supplier, so I am not able to offer as many scent options in this update as I would have liked (I had been hoping 4 or so). I will add new scents as soon as possible, so please keep checking back over the next few weeks.


In other news, I am discontinuing my current collection of make-up. My plan is to continue to offer occasional limited edition series, but no longer will I offer a continuous line year round. The collection will remain on the website until the 15th of April. Please make any purchases before then.


And last, but not least, Tuesday the 1st is my due date! Will baby arrive on time? One way or another, baby will be here between now and in two weeks! Please know that when I go into the hospital to deliver, orders will be delayed during this time. I hope to keep delays to a maximum of 7 days, but until baby arrives, I cannot say. Please be patient with me during this time! I appreciated it very, very much!!! I will post updates to Blooddrop’s Facebook page and if there are specific or other extended delays, I will contact you regarding your order.


I hope Spring is beginning to settle in your corner of the world! Here, it is dull and grey, but the snow is slowly melting and the robins, grackles, and a handful red wing black birds have come back!


Here’s to the sunshine,
Astrid xxoo



11 March 2014


Welcome to the 2014 Spring Simplicities collection! Because winter has been so hard on us across the majority of the northern hemisphere and is still being quite rude by not packing up its bags and getting ready to go, I was inspired to bring you a collection that is very anti-winter with lots of beautiful blossoms and cheerful notes! (Some of these were also your requests!)

This season offers the following twelve single notes/accords: Early Grass, German Chamomile, Lilac, Linden Blossom, Melissa, Peony, Pussy Willow, Raspberry Tisane, Somalian Rose, Strawberry Buttercream, Ume Blossom, and Vanilla.

These will be around until late May or as supply remains.

I have more items to come in the next few weeks, depending on what I am able to complete and when baby decides to come!

Also! A little special this week good through this Friday the 14th! Use coupon code HURRYSPRINGHURRY for free USA shipping on your order of $75 and up!

 See you soon,
Astrid xxoo



25 February 2014

At last! I wanted to have this update done several weeks ago, but this winter has not been very easy to say the least! I am so happy to finally have this ready for you because I’m so excited about so many of the items that I’m bringing to you!

First, there are three new Carry Alls! There are two Parisian themed bags and one bag made with fabric I stole from my corset fabric stash and is just so dreamy!

Secondly, I have improved my Kiss Kiss Lip Balm recipe. As an artist it is important to keep ameliorating your skills. It’s no good to stay in one place doing the same thing over and over and so I have been playing around with my lip recipe to settle on an improved version that is so much creamier than the previous version! The only real downside to this improvement is my recipe is no longer vegan because it contains beeswax instead of candelilla wax, which is of vegetal origins. In addition to the new recipe, Kiss Kiss has been made in three fabulous cookie inspired flavors: Amaretti Cookies, Berry Shortbread Cookie, and Sicilian Lemon Cookie.

Thirdly, the Bath Oil has been restocked! Beloved Night Night is back plus there are three new fragrances with two being equine-themed to celebrate the year of the horse: Banbury Cross, Lady Godiva, and Treasure Box.

Fourth up are the returns of Blue Moon Baby Butter Balm and Luminous. I know at this time of the winter our skin is screaming for relief and these two will definitely help you help your skin! Blue Moon Baby is a melt-on-contact-with-skin butter balm that is made to soothe and moisturize in a very natural, straightforward state. I originally made this because I needed a solution to my son’s irritated and dry winter skin when he was a year old.

Luminous is back and I listened to your requests as it is now available in three fragrance options: Morningtide (a brightish scent), Eventide (a gentle, nighttime scent) and Unscented (so you can follow with whatever other scent you’d like).  Luminous is a rich, nourishing recipe and can be used year round, not just in the winter.

Last, but definitely not least is the product I am most excited to bring you: my Rose & Green Tea Facial Cleanser! For a very long time, I am have been wanting to offer my own facial wash. I wanted something gentle, something that would clean the skin, but that wouldn’t strip the skin of the oils it needs to remain healthy and elastic, and that would also be beneficial to the daily care and maintenance of your face! This facial wash is suited for normal, dry, and combination skin types and I have another facial wash in the works for particularly oily skin. You may find Rose & Green Tea Facial Cleanser a little expensive for a facial soap, but please give it a try! I think that after a week or two of using it, you are going to find it worth every penny! It is also offered in a large pump bottle that should last you several months.

On the up and coming list are Spring Simplicities, perfume lockets, Bath Butters, more carry-alls, lotion (yes!), a small Easter/Spring line, and a significant line of equine inspired perfumes and bath goods!

I do want to state a little reminder that I am nearing the home stretch of my pregnancy (35 weeks today!), so if I happen to go incommunicado for a few days…. You should know why! I have no intention of closing Blooddrop, but orders and email replies will experience several days of delay when it’s baby time!

Oh and before I forget! Blooddrop finally has its own Facebook page! Please like me over there: I post messages over there regularly!

Hope you love this update and will give these items a try! I would also love to hear what you think about them, so please feel free to drop me a line.

Dreaming of green and spring,
Astrid xxoo


19 February 2014


Just a quick word to let you know that lots of new bath goodies are coming VERY soon! How soon? Within a week or less, I'd say! So keep checking here or sign up for the email list to be the first to know!

Also, I would like to send a huuuuge thank you to The Velvet Rider for the super fun, fabulous review of The Horses of the Carousel perfume line, the Ecurie Blooddrop line, and a handful of bath items. I am so happy you had so much fun testing everything!

See you back here soon,
Astrid :)


15 January 2014


Welcome to the first update of the New Year! This update brings three very special limited edition perfume series.

To start, I have a new selection of 13 Musks for you! All are new except for Vanilla Musk, which was so ridiculously popular last year, it made sense to offer this one again. These will be here until about late March.

On the 31st marks the beginning of the lunar New Year and, in the Chinese zodiac, it is the year of the horse! As you may have noticed, I’m quite the hippophile and every year is pretty much the year of the horse for me. So this year at chez Blooddrop, you are going to see a good bit more equine-inspiration! To begin the year off, I have created a dreamy collection called Horses of the Carousel that are inspired by the idea of magical carousel horses and scented with a gloriously decadent cupcake theme. These will be here until about late April.

For Valentine’s Day, I am bringing you the highly requested return of the perfumes inspired by The Cure’s album Disintegration. I have completed the entire album this time whereas in 2009, I had only done about three-quarters of the songs. These will be here until about mid-March.

The Winter and Holiday perfumes will be leaving on the 1st of February. As well will the Winter Simplicities be leaving at that time, too. Please make your purchases accordingly.

A few markdowns to note: bath oils are $10 off (were $22 now $12), sugar polish are half off (were $13/$20 now $6.50/$10), and all linen and chamber sprays are also half off (were $20 now $10)!

Next month, I will be bringing you new bath goodies and I also have several Carry Alls in process that I will make available on the website as soon as they are all completed.

To all of you, may 2014 be a year of good health for you and your families (two and four legged!), compassion towards your own self and the ability to project it outwards towards others, and the fierceness of joy to raise you and carry you through difficult times. I wish you these good things and more! See you in a few weeks!

With much gratitude,
Astrid xxoo



10 December 2013


This little message is a gentle reminder to let you know that there will be no shipping between the 13th and 20th. Orders placed up to the 12th will ship (provided everything ordered is in stock) on the 13th. Shipping will resume on the 21st. Express and Overnight shipping is available on the 21st and thereafter. Please email me prior to ordering if you would like to use that shipping method.

Wishing you all light and warmth,
Astrid xxoo


29 November 2013


Happy holidays everyone! I bring you my (early) Winter & Holiday collection!


For this update, I’ve made you:

-A selection of ten limited edition perfumes.

-A selection of ten early Winter Simplicities perfumes with more Winter Simplicities to come along in January/February.

-New bath items including the beloved Bath Butter in three different variations, a wonderful new bath oil Chauffe Lit, and a trio of Flutters in small sizes all wrapped an ready for gifting in two different trio sets.

-Seasonally inspired Linen & Chamber Sprays; one new one, Frolic, plus just a few bottles of the lovely Icicles & Pinecones spray.

 - An entirely new section on the left side of the website called Carry Alls & Accessories where I have a selection of one of a kind shoulder bags listed!


I have to admit, I got rather sick towards the tail end of my creation period for this update, so there are a few less bath items than I had planned, but they will be coming anyways…. Just later down the road perhaps towards the end of the month.


Also of importance to note, no orders will be shipped between the 13th through the 20th of December. I know this makes holiday ordering tricky, so please order well in advance! Shipping will resume on Monday the 21st.


To celebrate Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and to assist in your holiday shopping tribulations the following specials are now in effect through Saturday, December the 7th:

Use coupon code SPARKLEKISS to receive 10% off orders of any amount.

Use coupon code FIRSTSNOW to receive 15% off orders of $120 and up.


Come hang out with me on Facebook for Blooddrop chat, recipes and laughs!


Also, I am offering free holiday gift wrap and gift tags on anything you purchase! All you have to do is leave me a note in the comments box of the shopping cart as to what should be wrapped and how many gift tags you need. The gift tags will be the same or similar to the ones on the Flutter trios, saying To and From with a pretty ribbon. I am also happy to ship gifts on your behalf. Leave a note to your giftee in the comments box as well.


I hope you all have a kind, loving and warm end of the year. I know that you have made the year all that and more for me!


 Love and gratitude,
Astrid xxoo



28 October 2013


Welcome to the third autumn update bringing you the Autumn Simplicities offerings for this year along with the return of beloved Apple Cider Doughnut in various forms!

This year’s Autumn offerings is a fairly sizeable list containing lots of suggestions from you, my dear customer, plus some that I was very inspired to share with you as well either because they fit the bill of some of the themes you were requesting or because I was simply drawn by mood and spirit to bottle up. It is a large group of 18 different perfumes and many of them pair together beautifully! (Hint hint: Mulled Cider and Haitian Vetiver are fantastic together!)


So I have to be honest, I didn’t really do Apple Cider Doughnut ALL TEH THINGZ, but I did do ALOTZ OF TEH THINGZ. I hope you will approve of the offerings! This year, you have your choice of Apple Cider Doughnut in Flutter, Linen & Chamber Spray, Bath Oil, Kiss Kiss (this is now offered in a twist up tube versus the slidey tins), Bath Sparklers, and (my favorite) Cider & Honey Soothing Soak. The Cider & Honey Soothing Soak is the same as last winter’s Milk & Honey Soothing Soak with all the same ingredients except that I’ve swapped out the ingredients that made up the former soak’s fragrance for Apple Cider Doughnut fragrance. This soak is sooooo amazing for your skin and not to be missed!


In a few weeks, the Winter and Holiday line will be making its debut. This year Thanksgiving coincides with Hanukkah, which makes the start of the season crazy early!


Now, go make yourself a mug of something frothy and cozy and snuggle down with this update. I hope you love it! It was a really neat development of scents for me to offer for this season and I’m very excited to put it out there for you. Thanks for being part of the process!


Comfy kisses,
Astrid xxoo



13 October 2013


Welcome to Part Two of the Blooddrop Autumn & Halloween update! This update is for all things to make your body happy! New Flutter, sugar polish, Bath Sparklers, cosmetics, AND a brand new item, Bath Truffles!!!


Bath Truffles are a multi-functioning bath treat! They gently fizz, they melt, and they make bubbles! They are copiously fragranced to treat your senses and also contain a moisturizing blend of cocoa and mango butters to sooth the skin! You are simply going to adore these! (My son loves them so much that I have to hide them or else he wants one for every bath.)


I know many of you have been waiting for this update in particular, so I hope you love what I’ve made for you! Please note that quantities on items are limited. Once an item has sold out, that will be it. I’ve got the Autumn Simplicities coming up in a few weeks and then we are on to the holiday season (wait, Halloween counts as a holiday surely!), so lots of fabulous goodies will follow this update!


Along with this update, I’d like to announce that, knock on wood and may all things go ok, I will be a mom again in April and William will have a brother. So, blame pregnancy if you think these fragrances are wacked out. I know I used a lot of apple here and there! ;p


Ok, now to get rolling on the Autumn Simplicities and Apple Cider Doughnut ALL TEH THINGZ update. See you in a few weeks!


Sweetest treats,
Astrid xxoo


06 September 2013

Shhh! Did you hear that? Wait! Did you see something? Listen! Did you smell something? Oh it’s the rustle of a pale fabric wafting the creepiest and beautiful perfumes of the season from Blooddrop!


Welcome to part one of three (that’s how many I have planned for now!) of the Autumnal and Halloween update!! The absolute bestest of the year! This first part of the update is comprised of the perfume collection, seasonal bath oils and linen & chamber sprays. Bath goods will follow in a few weeks and the APPLE CIDER DOUGHNUTS ALL TEH THINGZ plus Autumn Simplicities will come in October.


The perfume collection contains 14 fabulous perfumes (most new), the return of the highly requested Witch’s Familiars bath oils (minus Tarantula but plus new Newt), and the return of the highly requested monster ladies linen & chamber sprays.


I won’t keep you. I know you want to be off browsing and planning your order! I hope you are excited and try lots of new things… perhaps some things you wouldn’t normally try (Life is short! Be adventurous! Be daring! It’s Halloween!).


I’ll see you back here in a few weeks and come hang out upside down like bats with us on facebook!


 Batty snuggles,
Astrid xox