News & Updates

11 July 2018

I had a little project switcheroo that happened! This update brings you the Summer Simplicities because the Wild Cats have been very cat-like and not complying with my creative process! So those little felines are on hold until I can get them completed as I see fit. In the meantime, here is a wonderful, super duper summery collection of 22 single notes! Some are revisits from the past and some are brand new. I hope you love them. Many go very well together so don't be shy to mix and match them!

Also, the Spring Simplicities leave on Friday the 13th dun dun dunnnnnn and the Lemon Summer blends are starting to sell out and get low on stock.

Thanks for all the wonderful support and it's always such a treat to hear what you think of the perfumes!

Sweet summer wishes to you,
Astrid xxoo


13 June 2018

Ha! So the last update I wished you a happy full moon and today I am wishing you a happy new moon! :p

This update brings another ingredient-focused collection inspired by a thread of comments on the Blooddrop Facebook Group page: LEMON! I am so glad to know there are many of you out there who love lemon as much as I do. This collection is for you!

I will be back in a few weeks with some unusual wild cats. Until then, enjoy your summer and don't do like I do and forget your sunscreen!

Lemony kisses,
Astrid xxoo

29 May 2018

Happy full moon! Today brings a springy and summery inspired update with lots of new bath and body items! You will find new Froth, Mousse de Bain, Soft Polish, Shower Cream, soap, the return of the beloved facial spray Eau Douce, and the one I'm most excited about, Eau Tonique! You may notice a recurring theme with the fragrances of these items of cheerful summery beverages and this is on purpose. I think many of us are going through some really rough times and hover in a constant state of frustration over a lot of things. I hope these fragrances serve to cheer you up for a short while and maybe give you a moment to smile while bathing or showering.

And now that these bath items are here, the next time you see me here will be for some summer perfumes that should land in the next few weeks. I have a wild cat collection coming as well as a lemon-themed collection coming along.

Please note that the Goddesses of Love and Whinnies collections will be leaving on Friday June 8th.

If you have any questions about the new update, please drop me a line! Until then, I will see you soon and don't forget to wear sunscreen and keep fighting the patriarchy!

Sticky summer kisses,
Astrid xxoo


18 April 2018

Spring Simplicities are here and I made a special collection to help fund the medical care of a stray kitty that I'm looking out for. I know many of you have big hearts and enjoy my perfumes, so how about combining the two? Yeah?!

Sometimes it snows in April, but I don't see why it *has* to,
Astrid xxoo