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22 March 2015

This is a petite update, but filled with lots of pretty! I know for most of us, winter was really, really long and really, really, really, really freaking cold and snowy. Towards the end of it, I was  really in a funk work-wise and I felt so burned out. I took a break away from perfume making and while I was letting myself doing something fresh, my brain started to daydream about Spring and springtime perfumes. I started to think about the return of the birds, green buds poking up through the thawing earth, sunshine, rediscovering joy and gaiety and spontaneity, fluffy and furry baby animals, and warmth, dear gods, warmth! This small collection of five perfumes is the result of that daydreaming.

With this update, I am also offering a special Flutter pre-order. Before you know it, it will be too warm to ship Flutter and I don’t want to be stuck with too many jars of it on my shelves in the warm months! There are 9 scent options for you to choose from and you may order as many as you’d like. However, please note that in order for a scent to go into production, I need to have a minimum of 10 ordered. Not all from the same person, just as an overall total.

Current sales include Luminous marked down 50%, Milk & Honey Softening Soaks are 50% off, jewelry is 40% off, linen sprays are 60% off, and Carry Alls are 30% off!

In a few weeks, the Spring Simplicities will arrive. The last day to purchase Winter I and II Simplicities is Sunday the 5th (coincidentally, the last day to purchase the Flutter pre-order, too). This will also be the last day to purchase the Winter & Holiday perfumes. I am not planning on making an overlap between the Winters and Springs, so please make your purchases accordingly.

See you in a few weeks and HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE!!!!
Astrid xxooxx



13 February 2015

Testing something new! Pre-orders! Pre-order will be a way to collect a group of orders for an item during a specific time frame with a discount deducted from its normal sale price. Then once the orders are collected, the pre-ordr will be closed and I will order the supplies (if I need to) and produce the product. This will be a great eway for you to order one of my items at a reduced cost and I will be able to better guage the quantity I need to make without have too much of it sitting on the shelves. I really prefer to have my items as fresh as possible, so think this is a win-win situation for you and me! You will find this option on the left side of this page under the link sections. Right now I'm offering two items and I'll see how this goes. It may be something I repeat in the future if this time goes well, which I do hope!


30 January 2015

Oooh baby, it’s cold outside! I mean it! Winter is definitely here now! So, what does one do when it’s so cold? Well, I make warm and ultra pretty perfumes for you! And then I make some soothing, comfy treats for your skin! And then I look at my shelves and say, “Alright! I need to clear out some of these single notes and special accords! My shelves are about to collapse!”

This Valentine’s Day, I am offering a collection of seven new perfumes. I am very, very happy how they came out and I hope you love them as much as I do!

After three years, I am taking a break from offering musks with this Simplicities collection. Instead, I went through my shelves and just pulled all sorts of different accords that I’ve made or have had on trial. So this is a rather massive list. You are going to see a lot of variation in the selection; some new, some you’ve seen before. This is just my way of making space for the new! Also, quantities are really varied for many of these. Some of the perfumes I only have enough for a few bottles. Unlike any other collection, I have not bottled these perfumes in advance. Because the collection is so large and because I don’t want to be left with unsold bottles sitting on my shelves, I am only bottling as I sell. This is going to increase the time in filling orders. So, please allow up to 10 possible business days for your order to ship. I hope it doesn’t take that long and I will do my best to keep turn around time as short as possible!

I have a new product for you called Petite Remedy Salve and it is a special little moisturizer that focuses on one main ingredient. You have seven to choose from and you can layer them or use them alone or even rub them into your favorite lotion in the palm of your hand! They are easily portable and ridiculously cute!

Also, two new Beurres de Bain (bath butters) are here and they are going to be just great for your dry winter skin! For a change, I have made these scented. I hope to make a few more butters this season, if time allows, but, well, time is in high demand and in short supply in my house! So, we’ll see! Cross your fingers for me.

One last, but important thing!! Those new perfume bottles, the clear ones with the silver caps that I was using for the Winter & Holiday perfumes? Yeah, those are done. Too many leakage issues! I’m sticking with my tried and true little ambers with silver caps. If you have had any leakage with those clear bottles, please contact me with your order number and I will gladly provide you with a new amber bottle, label, and transfer pipette. I apologize in advance if you’ve had any leaking!

And on that note, I will see you in a few weeks (hopefully) with some more new bath goodies and perfumes!


Keep cozy and warm,
Astrid xxoo



03 December 2014

Happy holidays! The official Winter & Holiday update is here! Despite having two youngsters sick, a cat whose kidneys and liver decide to go on sabbatical, late deliveries of supplies and the ubiquitous daily chaos, it’s done! Woohoo! I did, most reluctantly, have to trim the update back a bit. I wanted to offer more bath goods, but it wasn’t feasible, so you can expect some more bath goods in the New Year! But, I’m sure that’s ok with you. January is the perfect time to soak in a steamy hot bathtub with delicious skin treats, isn’t it? ;) 

This update brings a selection of ten limited edition perfumes, a trio of wooly bath oils (what?!), new linen sprays, six new Flutters, and a generous offering of seventeen Early Winter Simplicities! Ooh momma!

I’m very, very excited to debut Blooddrop’s new perfume bottles with the limited edition perfumes!  You will see how nicely they match the clear and silver bath containers. For now, the Simplicity line will keep the ambers with silver caps, but all other perfumes, including the permanent perfumes, will be bottled in these new little vessels. They hold a perfect 6ml of perfume. I hope you like them as much as I do!

Also, this year I am offering wonderful, super cool custom Blooddrop gift wrap! Check out the Gifting page for all your gifting needs. If you have any questions or need gifting suggestions, please email me! I am here to help!

Be careful with ordering dates if you need something arrived by a specific date! I am shipping as quickly as possible, but this is a very busy time of year for me. If you absolutely need something to arrive by a specific date, it is best to email me first to make sure I can get it to you on time!

Please make sure to follow Blooddrop on Facebook for interim updates, notifications, and chatting! Bestest wishes to you and yours. May goodness, kindness and laughter fill your days and nights!

Astrid xxoo



26 November 2014

To express my thanks to all of you who have shopped with Blooddrop and in anticipation of the Winter & Holiday update (scheduled to arrive early next week), here is a coupon code for 15% off all orders now through Monday, December 1st. Simply use coupon code OHMERCI15 (this coupon may not be used retroactively nor on any custom orders) when checking out and the discount will be applied to your order.

If you wish to save on shipping and combine an order now with an order from the Winter & Holiday update, please leave me a note when checking out to hold your order. I will hold orders from this sale for up to 10 calendar days. If no follow up order is received, I will go ahead and ship out your existing order.

Thanks again and I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and the beginning of a kind and loving holiday season!

With infinite gratitude,
Astrid xo 


12 November 2014

And here we have part three (and the last) of the Autumn & Halloween updates! This update brings the Autumn Simplicities line which consists of 16 wonderful single notes to wear and layer. Many are unisex and can make great holiday gifts! 

Please note that Wonder Wash and my Sugar Polish are bidding adieu. Please make your purchases accordingly. Perhaps they will return again one day, but due to lack of sales, they are being discontinued.

Hot on the heels of this update will be the Winter & Holiday update that is coming in just a few short weeks! Need gifts? Blooddrop is here to help! Need wrapping? Need suggestions? I am happy to wrap and ship on your behalf to make all of your gift giving easier and less stressful! Drop me a line through my contact form and I will do my best to help! See you back here very soon!!

Keep cozy and snuggly,
Astrid  xoxo


25 October 2014

Welcome to part two of Blooddrop’s Autumn & Halloween updates! In this update you will find a delightful and haunting selection of seasonal offerings for the body plus a few new items that are joining in Blooddrop’s repertoire of facial items. There are new bath oils, a new bath salt soak, a nighttime Eau Douce, the facial masks that many of you have tested are now here (three to start and I will add more over time), four new Flutters, a semi-newish facial serum Flux,  four linen and chamber sprays,  two new Milk & Honey Soaks, one fabulous new Silken, two sugar polishes, and three new fun Wonder Washes.  Ooof! That was a lot to make! Some new Kiss Kiss lip balms are coming, but I didn’t want to hold up this update any longer for those.

A word of note! You may have noticed that I have been slowly transitioning the presentation of Blooddrop’s items to a clear container with silver cap. This change is more significant with this update and I hope to be fully shifted with the arrival of the Winter & Holiday update. I hope you are enjoying this direction for Blooddrop. It is an effort to make Blooddrop stand out a little more. And, sometimes, change is good and refreshing! 

The next update that should be up within just a couple of weeks will be the Autumn Simplicities. This year’s selection is really wonderful and I think you will love them!

Please also note that since the winter holidays are right around the corner and I have items to produce for that update, limited edition items that sell out from this update will most likely NOT be restocked. So please make your purchases accordingly.

 I would like to apologize for the delay in getting this finished. I know how many of you have been waiting patiently for this update. Thank you so much! I truly hope you find the wait was well worth it!

 And on that note, here it is! Enjoy and thank you so much for your patronage! See you soon! I’m going to go make myself some tea and have an apple cider doughnut as a little evening treat. (William and I got some this morning on a trip to get some pumpkins and gourds for the house!)

 Boo-tiful wishes to you all,
Astrid xxoo

Julien's very first little pumpkin! It's about the size of a clementine!



18 September 2014

Oh. My. Stars. I got this one done. The Autumn & Halloween update. Well, the first part anyways!! Yes, there will be parts to this update. As of right now, three of them. Number one is now. These are the perfumes! Number two is in a few weeks with the bath and body items. Then in a few weeks after that will be the Autumn Simplicities update with the uber favorite, Apple Cider Doughnut!

 I have to admit that while this is one of my most favorite times of the year, this year’s selection of perfumes are a little darker and reflective than other years. You see, in August I lost my beloved horse, Rowan, who died very unexpectedly. I had Rowan for 13 years and he came into my life when he was an adorable 18-month old colt. His premature departure from my life has been a very hard blow on me. Rowan’s death culminating with the passing of my mom the year before just brings me to my knees emotionally. By contrast, my son, Julien, who was born in April, has lifted me up and kept me smiling despite all the tears I’ve shed. Mourning and loss, life and beauty, nature, love. Those are the images and sentiments that kept coming back to me while I was creating these perfumes that I bring to you for this season. So while this year’s offerings might be a little more somber, I still embrace the beauty of life and keep close the cherished memories of those now gone. This is the season of the departed, this is the season of closing down and change, and this is the season to hold close the living and to keep warm with love.

With this perfume update come a variety of collections; the Autumn & Halloween collection, the Exquisite Corpse collection, The Horses of a Different Color collection, plus seven new horses in the Horses of the Carousel collection! I'm not quite sure what I was thinking when I was making all of these. It's a bit much for just one person, but sleep deprivation has some pretty quirky effects on mommies (or rather, mummies?)! You can also blame any weird grammar and spelling errors on my lack of sleep as well!

 Oh hi! You like to sleep? I like to nurse!

 But here we are! We made it! I hope you love everything. I've got lots of fun goodies to include with packages. Enjoy and please allow up to 7 business days for your order to ship. I hope it won't take that long, but this is my busy season and packing orders can be tricksy with a baby! See you in a few weeks with Update No. 2!

Exhausted hugs and kisses,
Astrid xxoo


24 August 2014

Time to clear the shelves in anticipation of the Autumn update! This week (now through the 1st of September) the following items are on sale:

Select Bath Items are 30% off
Carry Alls are 20% off
Jewlery is 20% off
Premade Corsets are 30% off

You can also get an additional 10% off your entire order if you make a public or friends-only post on Facebook with a picture of some or all of your own personal Blooddrop collection, tagging Blooddrop in your post and sharing also on the Blooddrop Facebook page. Send me an email through the contact page here on the website (or on FB) once you've done so and I will send you your very own personal, one-time use coupon! Coupons will expire at the end of the day on the 1st, so don't tardy to take advantage on this extra perk!!

Please note that I am not accepting any custom corset or clothing orders at this time.

See you soon with the first part of the Autumn updates,



08 August 2014

Blooddrop is now closed for a short vacation, but the boutique is still open for you to place your order! Please know that there will be no shipping from now through next week. Order fulfillment will resume on the 18th! I will answer emails as best as possible, but there may be a delay in responding.

Also, during this time, orders will receive a sample(s) of my up and coming facial masks and/or Sweet Slumber (vanilla & lavender) Eau Douce. Feel free to tell me your skin type when checking out, so I can choose the best suited item for your lovely face!

See you soon,
Astrid xxoo


25 July 2014

Happy to update the Carry Alls page with five beautiful, new bags!



23 July 2014

This week (wait, it's Wednesday already?!), here's a treat for you! Place an order of $40+ and choose your freebie treat: a Kiss Kiss of your choice (in stock flavors only, of course) OR a sample of Eau Douce Facial Spray OR a Mystery perfume! Order $60+, choose two of the above, order $80+ get all three treats! Simply let me know what your wish is in the comment box of the order form! This offer runs through Sunday.

Happy Wednesday,
Astrid :}


10 July 2014

Eau Douce is back! Please note that orders containing this fabulous spray that you will utterly adore, will not ship before the 19th.


23 June 2014

Welcome to this summer’s Simplicities offerings! This season’s selections mostly are a combination of summery beverages and beach vacation-inspired scents with a few others tossed in for good measure. Thank you to many of you who provided good ideas for Simplicity offerings. I hope you like them as much as I do!

Please note that the Aviary and May Day perfumes will be coming down in a week or so. Please make your purchases accordingly. These have been marked down 30% for one last hurrah.

If you are on Facebook, make sure you like Blooddrop’s Facebook page to keep up with things in between updates.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer so far! Don’t forget your sunscreen!



12 June 2014

Ah ha! I can’t believe I’ve finally finished this update for you! It has felt like it would never get done! But it’s finally here and it’s pretty big as far as summer updates go for Blooddrop. Lots of bath items and a pretty big perfume series that I’ve been itching to do for a long, long time. So! Without further adieu….

New flavors of Kiss Kiss Lip Balm are here! Inspired by summer beverages, I’ve made for you Root Beer, Cucumber Soda, Peach Juice, and Watermelon Spritzer flavors.

New sugar polishes are also here to keep your skin soft, smooth and fabulous; Pink Bubblegum (I have a thing for bubblegum flavor and scent right now…. It’s been seeping into a lot of things), Blueberry & Ginger Tea, and Rose & Lemon Garden.

The long awaited companion to my Rose & Green Tea Facial Cleanser is now here! Aloe & Lemon Facial Cleanser is for oily, combination, and/or blemish prone skin. It contains aloe extract to sooth and cool iritate and inflamed skin, lemon to rejuvenate, green tea to repair, blue German chamomile to calm and reduce redness, apricot kernel oil to maintain elasticity, and wild lavender, Egyptian geranium, and rosemary to fight bacteria and prevent blemishes.

 Some new scents of Silken are here for the summer; Coconut, Green Tea & Lotus; Raspberry, Chocolate & Meringue; and White Amber & Summer Blossoms.

 Silken now comes to you in an easier to use upside down bottle! I hope you will like this container. It is easier to squeeze Silken out than with the other type of bottle. I still have some stock left of the other bottles, but have transitioned with new scents of Silken to the new bottles.

 Two lovely Milk & Honey Soaks are debuting; Cooling and Renaissance.  The Cooling Soak is made to chill out after a hot summer day and refresh your body with cucumber, calendula, and a pair of mints! The Renaissance Soak is made to feel renewed, softened, and soothed with mallow, borage, mandarin, and lavender.

 There is brand new, gorgeous Amazon of Camargue Bath Salt Soak. You will love this! First of all is smells ultra beautiful! Its fragrance is a blend of oceanic spa-inspired notes, lavender, bergarmot, palo santo, and agave for a refreshing and relaxing aromatic experience. Secondly, it comes in a great big one pound jar! And thirdly, it’s a blend of Dead Sea, European, and Epsom salts for maximum, minerally, salty goodness!

 Also, if you follow on Facebook, you might have heard about Aurevoir, which is an insect repellent made with a selection of essential oils targeted to shoo away pesky pests but not leave you smelling like a giant citronella candle!

 And, before we get to this summer’s perfume series, there is one more new product and it is SO. MUCH. FUN! Let me introduce you to Wonder Wash! Wonder Wash is a wiggly jiggly soap in the form of jello. What? Jello? Yes! It is ridiculously fun, but also a really nice body wash that leaves your skin soft and nicely scented. It has an added bonus of being vegan, too! I am offering this in three delicious scents: Gardenia, Lavender & Skin Milk, Spiced Peach & Patchouli, and Strawberry & Honeyed Lemon.

For perfumes! This summer, I have created a series called “Together ~ Women & Horses” and it is a series that has been simmering for a very long time in the back of my mind. Given that this is the Year of the Horse in Chinese astrology, it made perfect sense that I make this idea real. These perfumes were created from the inspiration of a group of antique photographs and post cards that I have been collecting. Some of them I have actual information of the women and horses pictured, some I do not. I have used some of that actual information for a few of the pictures, but for most, I have used my own imagination to create a small story, the title, and the scent that revolves around the image. Even if you are not a horse person, I think you will appreciate this series and the relationships that occur between a woman and a horse.

Summer Simplicities will come in a few weeks. I am still putting together this collection for you. I think you will love this one! There are a lot of fun perfumes in this group!

Well, so there you have it! I hope you are as excited about all these goodies as I am! Orders are still a teensy bit slower than usual to ship out, so your continued patience is much appreciated.

See you in a few weeks with the Simplicities!




30 April 2014:

Before I get on with the update, I am most utterly over the moon to tell you that I gave birth to my second son, Julien (French spelling of Julian), on the 4th of April! Aside of being a little sleep-deprived at times (I not he), we are both happy and healthy. Family as a foursome is awesome!

I love May! Spring takes FOREVER to come around here and we don’t get much of it either! We have winter for an eternity, a handful of spring-y days, and then it’s suddenly summer. But here, May really is the herald of the nicer weather and that is why it has become one of my favorite months. I’ve created this mini line of perfumes marking May 1st and some of its key celebrations. In France, the first commemorates la fete du travaille (worker’s day) and it is on this day that little bouquets of lilies of the valley are given. In a nod to this tradition, you will see lily of the valley in all but one of the perfumes. The perfumes have been created in smaller batches than usual, so please purchase accordingly.

In addition to the May Day perfumes, I have made a collection of scent lockets that allow you to carry your perfume of choice on you without putting it on your skin. Scent lockets are perfect if your skin is sensitive to an ingredient or if your skin chemistry morphs a scent in a direction you do not like or “eats up” a scent. The lockets can also be hung up (such as in your car) to scent a very small space. Each locket is mostly one of a kind, but I am happy to remake something if you are interested in a sold piece or if you have an idea for a certain color combination.

Given that we have welcomed Julien to our family and I am learning a new juggling trick with having an infant in my life again (what a treat!), please allow some possible minor delays with order processing. Thank you for your understanding!

Cheers and kisses,






28 March 2014:


Welcome to the Blooddrop Springy Eastery update! I was debating on holding out on this update for a few days, but I thought, given my current condition, I better get this one the website sooner than later! Here is what I am bringing you today!

Whinnies Marshmallow Ponies Easter Treats Perfume Collection
Whinnies are my gourmet interpretation of popular, Easter time marshmallow chicks, but if you made them in the shape of little ponies and then rendered them into perfume form! This said, please don't eat or taste these perfumes. Yucko!

Whinnies are available as 5ml bottles. No sample sizes are available for these perfumes.

This collection will be available until mid-May or while supply remains. Please note that this collection has been made in much smaller quantity than usual limited edition series. Once they are gone, that is it!


Whinnies No. 1
Marshmallow with strawberry jam, fresh kiwi, bananas, and a tiny sprig of rosemary.


Whinnies No. 2
Marshmallow with vanilla mango sorbet, dusted with nutmeg.


Whinnies No. 3
Marshmallow with bourbon vanilla, black cherry, and tobacco.


Whinnies No. 4
Marshmallow with white rose and wild raspberry.

Whinnies No. 5
Marshmallow with coconut milk, guava, and monoi tiare.


 Whinnies No. 6
Marshmallow with passion fruit and organic French lavender.


 Whinnies No. 7
Marshmallow with peach compote, blood orange, and patchouli.


 Whinnies No. 8
Marshmallow with ripe watermelon, bergamot, and white cognac.


 And accompanying the perfume collection is a new linen & chamber spray!


Whinnies in the Wind Linen & Chamber Spray
Whinnies in the Wind is the scent of soft, fluffy clouds of vanilla marshmallow, sweet pears, wild lilies, and bright, fresh Italian lemons. Available in both 2 ounce and 4 ounce bottles!


Also with this update comes the arrival of Blooddrop’s hand and body lotion, Silken!

 Silken Hand & Body Lotion
I’ve been wanting to offer you an in-house made lotion for some time. Especially since Flutter really should not be shipped during the summer months lest it melt. And also because sometimes you just want something a little lighter like a lotion as opposed to a rich butter. Silken is just that and you are going to looooove it! I named it Silken precisely because it leaves your skin feeling so deliciously silky and it is filled with ingredients to specifically address the needs of itchy, dry, and thirsty skin. Currently, I am offering it in 4 ounce and 2 ounce sizes. The 2 ounce sizes may be temporary. I thought it would be a nice way to allow you to try Silken without buying a big bottle. Or perhaps you would like to keep a smaller bottle in your purse or yoga bag or desk drawer at work? Also, more different fragrances will be coming! I had a little snag with my bottle supplier, so I am not able to offer as many scent options in this update as I would have liked (I had been hoping 4 or so). I will add new scents as soon as possible, so please keep checking back over the next few weeks.


In other news, I am discontinuing my current collection of make-up. My plan is to continue to offer occasional limited edition series, but no longer will I offer a continuous line year round. The collection will remain on the website until the 15th of April. Please make any purchases before then.


And last, but not least, Tuesday the 1st is my due date! Will baby arrive on time? One way or another, baby will be here between now and in two weeks! Please know that when I go into the hospital to deliver, orders will be delayed during this time. I hope to keep delays to a maximum of 7 days, but until baby arrives, I cannot say. Please be patient with me during this time! I appreciated it very, very much!!! I will post updates to Blooddrop’s Facebook page and if there are specific or other extended delays, I will contact you regarding your order.


I hope Spring is beginning to settle in your corner of the world! Here, it is dull and grey, but the snow is slowly melting and the robins, grackles, and a handful red wing black birds have come back!


Here’s to the sunshine,
Astrid xxoo



11 March 2014


Welcome to the 2014 Spring Simplicities collection! Because winter has been so hard on us across the majority of the northern hemisphere and is still being quite rude by not packing up its bags and getting ready to go, I was inspired to bring you a collection that is very anti-winter with lots of beautiful blossoms and cheerful notes! (Some of these were also your requests!)

This season offers the following twelve single notes/accords: Early Grass, German Chamomile, Lilac, Linden Blossom, Melissa, Peony, Pussy Willow, Raspberry Tisane, Somalian Rose, Strawberry Buttercream, Ume Blossom, and Vanilla.

These will be around until late May or as supply remains.

I have more items to come in the next few weeks, depending on what I am able to complete and when baby decides to come!

Also! A little special this week good through this Friday the 14th! Use coupon code HURRYSPRINGHURRY for free USA shipping on your order of $75 and up!

 See you soon,
Astrid xxoo



25 February 2014

At last! I wanted to have this update done several weeks ago, but this winter has not been very easy to say the least! I am so happy to finally have this ready for you because I’m so excited about so many of the items that I’m bringing to you!

First, there are three new Carry Alls! There are two Parisian themed bags and one bag made with fabric I stole from my corset fabric stash and is just so dreamy!

Secondly, I have improved my Kiss Kiss Lip Balm recipe. As an artist it is important to keep ameliorating your skills. It’s no good to stay in one place doing the same thing over and over and so I have been playing around with my lip recipe to settle on an improved version that is so much creamier than the previous version! The only real downside to this improvement is my recipe is no longer vegan because it contains beeswax instead of candelilla wax, which is of vegetal origins. In addition to the new recipe, Kiss Kiss has been made in three fabulous cookie inspired flavors: Amaretti Cookies, Berry Shortbread Cookie, and Sicilian Lemon Cookie.

Thirdly, the Bath Oil has been restocked! Beloved Night Night is back plus there are three new fragrances with two being equine-themed to celebrate the year of the horse: Banbury Cross, Lady Godiva, and Treasure Box.

Fourth up are the returns of Blue Moon Baby Butter Balm and Luminous. I know at this time of the winter our skin is screaming for relief and these two will definitely help you help your skin! Blue Moon Baby is a melt-on-contact-with-skin butter balm that is made to soothe and moisturize in a very natural, straightforward state. I originally made this because I needed a solution to my son’s irritated and dry winter skin when he was a year old.

Luminous is back and I listened to your requests as it is now available in three fragrance options: Morningtide (a brightish scent), Eventide (a gentle, nighttime scent) and Unscented (so you can follow with whatever other scent you’d like).  Luminous is a rich, nourishing recipe and can be used year round, not just in the winter.

Last, but definitely not least is the product I am most excited to bring you: my Rose & Green Tea Facial Cleanser! For a very long time, I am have been wanting to offer my own facial wash. I wanted something gentle, something that would clean the skin, but that wouldn’t strip the skin of the oils it needs to remain healthy and elastic, and that would also be beneficial to the daily care and maintenance of your face! This facial wash is suited for normal, dry, and combination skin types and I have another facial wash in the works for particularly oily skin. You may find Rose & Green Tea Facial Cleanser a little expensive for a facial soap, but please give it a try! I think that after a week or two of using it, you are going to find it worth every penny! It is also offered in a large pump bottle that should last you several months.

On the up and coming list are Spring Simplicities, perfume lockets, Bath Butters, more carry-alls, lotion (yes!), a small Easter/Spring line, and a significant line of equine inspired perfumes and bath goods!

I do want to state a little reminder that I am nearing the home stretch of my pregnancy (35 weeks today!), so if I happen to go incommunicado for a few days…. You should know why! I have no intention of closing Blooddrop, but orders and email replies will experience several days of delay when it’s baby time!

Oh and before I forget! Blooddrop finally has its own Facebook page! Please like me over there: I post messages over there regularly!

Hope you love this update and will give these items a try! I would also love to hear what you think about them, so please feel free to drop me a line.

Dreaming of green and spring,
Astrid xxoo


19 February 2014


Just a quick word to let you know that lots of new bath goodies are coming VERY soon! How soon? Within a week or less, I'd say! So keep checking here or sign up for the email list to be the first to know!

Also, I would like to send a huuuuge thank you to The Velvet Rider for the super fun, fabulous review of The Horses of the Carousel perfume line, the Ecurie Blooddrop line, and a handful of bath items. I am so happy you had so much fun testing everything!

See you back here soon,
Astrid :)


15 January 2014


Welcome to the first update of the New Year! This update brings three very special limited edition perfume series.

To start, I have a new selection of 13 Musks for you! All are new except for Vanilla Musk, which was so ridiculously popular last year, it made sense to offer this one again. These will be here until about late March.

On the 31st marks the beginning of the lunar New Year and, in the Chinese zodiac, it is the year of the horse! As you may have noticed, I’m quite the hippophile and every year is pretty much the year of the horse for me. So this year at chez Blooddrop, you are going to see a good bit more equine-inspiration! To begin the year off, I have created a dreamy collection called Horses of the Carousel that are inspired by the idea of magical carousel horses and scented with a gloriously decadent cupcake theme. These will be here until about late April.

For Valentine’s Day, I am bringing you the highly requested return of the perfumes inspired by The Cure’s album Disintegration. I have completed the entire album this time whereas in 2009, I had only done about three-quarters of the songs. These will be here until about mid-March.

The Winter and Holiday perfumes will be leaving on the 1st of February. As well will the Winter Simplicities be leaving at that time, too. Please make your purchases accordingly.

A few markdowns to note: bath oils are $10 off (were $22 now $12), sugar polish are half off (were $13/$20 now $6.50/$10), and all linen and chamber sprays are also half off (were $20 now $10)!

Next month, I will be bringing you new bath goodies and I also have several Carry Alls in process that I will make available on the website as soon as they are all completed.

To all of you, may 2014 be a year of good health for you and your families (two and four legged!), compassion towards your own self and the ability to project it outwards towards others, and the fierceness of joy to raise you and carry you through difficult times. I wish you these good things and more! See you in a few weeks!

With much gratitude,
Astrid xxoo