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To my friends and customers,

 At the end of the day on Friday, August 31, 2018 Blooddrop is closing after 16 years of existence. Blooddrop began as a little creative venture for me where I could sell my sewing creations and jewelry, which then transformed into a nearly full time custom corset and clothing business, and then morphing into the butterfly it has been for the last 8 years or so of perfume and body products, with the occasional sewed item.

I have loved Blooddrop so much! It has been such a wonderful path for me to express myself as an artist. I have worked with so many amazing people and I’m sure you are one of them, if you are reading this. Blooddrop has also been an enormous struggle for me and, at many times, a massive financial drain. Over the years I have struggled with keeping Blooddrop afloat and have molded it many different ways to keep it going and to make sales for my household. It is profoundly difficult to run an at-home business as a woman. People assume that if you work from home and your husband has a “real” job, that what you are doing is just pooh-poohing around, especially if you are an artist. And it is for certain that if my husband didn’t have his contract-based job as a professor at a university, that there would have probably been a time I would have had to give up Blooddrop for working for a company or other business. It is incredibly hard to be taken seriously and to be treated seriously in these circumstances. I know many of my sister artists deal with this as well.

A couple of years ago, I realized that Blooddrop was, in a sense, not allowing me to fully develop professionally into the perfumer that I unintentionally have become and am now fully embracing! So, I have decided to close Blooddrop and start fresh again.

In September, Astrid Perfume, will be born. I will begin by offering my Autumn and Halloween collection and, from there, the boutique will grow. You will see the return of some of the Blooddrop permanent perfumes, those that I loved best, plus some new creations. I will offer bath items also, but I am still working out which items I will offer. (Can I tell you how crazy hard it is to maintain a current website, family, life, sanity, and create a whole new project on the side?! Holy balls, man!) In essence, it will still be very Blooddrop-y, but Blooddrop, at the core, is me, so that is still very much what you will get! The new website is clean and contemporary and you can already bookmark your browsers to astridperfume.com.

I am ridiculously excited for Astrid Perfume! It feels so right and I am looking forward to finishing this lovely story that has been Blooddrop and beginning a new adventure! I hope you will stay with me on this path. It will be beautiful!

 In the meantime, I have kept the perfumes on sale and have marked down all the remaining bath and body items to half off just to help clear off all the shelves a bit more before the Friday closure.

I am so stinking excited to debut Astrid Perfume! Sooooo excited! Stay with me, ok? I think you will be delighted!

 All my gratitude,
Astrid xxoo
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Last updated 31 August 2018